Old tickets, photos from my collection

6 Apr

12-06-1946 GIPR (Great Indian Peninsular Railway) (Present day Central Railways) soldier’s ticket from Delhi to Kathgodam. The ticket shows it had been issued to a RAF personnel.

To know more about GIPR


An Army ticket of GIPR .jpg

Reverse of another Army Ticket.jpg

South Indian Railway Soldier’s Railway Ticket – Now Southern Railway (from 1st April 1951). Carnatic Railway company (1869-1874) and Great South Indian Railway company (1853 to 1874) merged in 1874 to form the South Indian Railway (1874 to 1951). I remember as a kid seeing the insignia and logos of SIR at Egmore Station. Predominantly used to cover the meter guage section of Southern Railways. The broad guage section was part of Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway company.


SIR Army ticket copy.jpgReverse of the Army ticket.jpg

Part of the suburban network of the South Indian Railway. As a kid i remember seeing cute electrified local trains running on this network. Remember seeing these cute locos from the Madras central station enroute to Tiruppur on our annual vacation  journey to grand parents house.  I used to drag dad to take me to Egmore station to see the MG trains. In those days (late 70’s and early 80’s) Egmore was not as busy as Central but it was more quaint and had a lot of steam locos. My favorite was to watch the electric trains on the far end of the station and watch some express trains arriving at the station before we had to rush back to catch the west coast express.

Madras Beach Station.jpg

Somer more tickets , Bengal Nagpur Railways (BNR) and East Bengal State Railways (EBSR) tickets.

BNR formed in 1887- succeeded by Eastern Railway and now South Eastern Railway.

EBSR or Eastern Bengal state Railway formed in 1857, succeeded by Bengal and Assam Railway (formed by the merger of EBR and Assam Bengal Railway in 1942). In 1947, it was split into Assam Railway (covering the Indian portions of ABR) which again became the North Eastern Railway. The Pakistani side was renamed Eastern Bengal Railway, which then became Pakistan Eastern Railways and then Bangladesh Railway.

Aligarh to Kasganj Ticket .jpgFront of the EBSR ticket .jpgEBSR Railway ticket.jpg

EIR embossed envelope copy.jpg

The Madras Railway Company – formed in 1845. The company which built the first railway line in South India. Royapuram in Madras to Arcot which opened in 1856. It merged with Southern Mahratta Railways in 1908 to form the Madras and Southern Mahratta Railways which is succeeded by the present day Southern Railways.

Madras Railway Company Share Certificate .jpgVictory Flag Card.jpg


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